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Marí bim Amude Alkatiri is the first Prime Minister of an internationally recognized Timor-Leste. Before entering politics, he was a chartered surveyor, and lived in exile during Indonesian occupation.

As the Chief of Government, he is supported by the Minister in the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and by the Secretary of State for Parliamentary Affairs. The following services and bodies are directly under the Prime Minister. He is also responsible for those that are not formally integrated in a Ministry or Secretariat of State such as the Timor Sea Office and the Government Information Office:
  • National Service for State Security
  • Inspector-General
  • Office of the Advisor for Human Rights
  • Office of the Advisor for Image and Social Communications
  • Office of the Advisor of Promotion of Equality
  • Capacity Development Coordination Unit
  • The Banking and Payments Authority

The Prime Minister is responsible for the defence and implementation of budget statements and government policy generally. Although he consults widely and must seek the approval from the Council of Ministers, he is ultimately responsible for all government decisions.

The Prime Minister

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Flag of Government of The Republic of Democratic Timor-Leste

Government of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste

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