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Welcome to the The Government of Timor-Leste Welcome to the The Government of Timor-Leste

District Population Area(km.²) Area(mi.²) Capital
Aileu 36,889 729 282 Aileu
Ainaro 53,629 797 308 Ainaro
Baucau 104,571 1,494 577 Baucau
Bobonaro 82,385 1,368 528 Maliana
Cova Lima 55,941 1,226 473 Suai
Dili 167,777 372 143 Dili
Ermera 103,169 746 288 Ermera
Lautem 57,453 1,702 657 Los Palos
Liquiça 55,058 543 210 Liquiça
Manatuto 34,900 1,706 658 Manatuto
Manufahi 38,580 1,325 512 Same
Oecussi 58,521      
Viqueque 66,434 1,781 687 Viqueque
13 districts 924,642 14,604 5,638
Reference : UNFPA Census Timor-Leste 2004



also spelled Díli, Dilli or Dilly, is the capital of East Timor. It lies on the northern coast of Timor island, the easternmost of the Lesser Sunda Islands. Dili is the chief port and commercial centre for East Timor and also has an airport for use by commercial and military flights.

Dili was settled about 1520 by the Portuguese, who made it the capital of Portuguese Timor in 1596. During World War II, Dili was occupied by the Japanese. East Timor unilaterally declared independence from Portugal on November 28th 1975. However, nine days later, on December 7th, Indonesian forces invaded Dili. On July 17th, 1976, Indonesia annexed East Timor, which it called Timor Timur, with Dili as its capital.

However, a brutal guerrilla war ensued between Indonesian and pro-independence forces, during which tens of thousands of civilians were killed. Although Dili itself was under Indonesian control, the East Timorese resistance did manage to attack Indonesian property. Consequently, it was not until 1989 that foreign nationals or Indonesian civilians were allowed into the '27th province'.

Media coverage of the 1991 Dili Massacre revitalised international support of the East Timorese independence movement. In 1999, East Timor was placed under UN supervision and on May 20, 2002, Dili became the capital of the independent Democratic Republic of East Timor.


Baucau is the second largest city in East Timor, after the capital, Dili.

Oecussi-Ambeno (also Ocussi)

is a province of East Timor. It is located on the western part of Timor island. It is detached from the rest of East Timor, and borders the sea and the Indonesian part of Timor. The capital of the province is Pante Makasar, also called Ocussi town.

It was in Pante Makasar that an Indonesian fifth column raised the Indonesian flag and took control of the enclave on 29th November, 1975, a week before the Indonesian invasion of East Timor proper. However, even under Indonesian rule, Oecussi-Ambeno was administered as part of the province of East Timor (Timor Timur in Indonesian), just as it was as part of Portuguese Timor. Consequently, it became part of the independent state of East Timor in 2002.