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Getting There
Merpati Airlines flies seven times a week from Denpasar (Bali) to Dili. Air North flies 2-3 times a day from Darwin to Dili.
Where to Stay

There are basically three types of hotels: The old standards such as Hotel Turismo and Hotel Dili (tel 670 313 958, fax 670 313 081), are now a little run-down. However, with the ongoing departure of the UN, rooms can now be had from around $US25.

Budget hotels.
One recommended establishment is Hotel Purple Cow, on Pasir Putih Road (Meti'aut Beach). Rooms are a little spartan, but fully air-conditioned, and there is a great bar and restaurant on the premises. Rooms $US15 per night.

There are a couple of newer hotels catering to business and government visitors, with international-standard rooms from $US50-80. Try the Hotel Audian, E-mail enquiries@hotelaudian.com.

On the outskirts of town, the Copa Hotel provides meals and basic lodgings.

Pousada de Baucau, a plush establishment, runs to $US49 per room per night. turn up (it's a huge hotel, usually with plenty of vacant rooms).


Diving in Timor Leste is simply fantastic, a great reason more and more people choose to travel to East Timor. Great visibility in the dry season and warm tropical water the whole year round are guaranteed here. Explore an unbelievable variety of pristine, live coral and aquatic species while drifting through the underwater canyon between the mainland and Ata’uro.

Diving Companies

Dive Timor Lorosae

Let Dive Timor Lorosae take you on an dive adventure your will never forget!

As Timor Leste’s only PADI dive centre, professional and friendly staff are waiting for you to come and explore some of South East Asia’s most spectacular and virgin reefs.

With km’s of walls dropping off into deep blue sea and acres of untouched reef Timor Leste offers the adventurous diver the opportunity to explore the un explored.

Dive Timor Lorosae offers tailored dive charters and safaris for 2 to 16 people. Sick of diving and seeing more divers then marine life? In Timor we pride our selves on keeping dive groups small and personalized.

From Boat charters to shore dives, Dive Timor Lorosae offers you the chance to dive all of East Timor with two established dive centres (Dili and Com).

Dili is the gate way to Atauro Island (which is adjacent to Florese Indonesia). Our purposed built dive vessel will carry you there on a day trip that includes diving, fishing, water skiing, snorkelling and a fantastic lunch. Go ashore and visit some of the islands inhabitants and see the local fisher men repairing a net or carving a spear.

Com Dive Centre located in the Eastern End of the Island offers divers the chance to see Jako Island and Tutulala beach. Once South East Asia’s most remote destinations, now one of the easiest to visit. Experience spectacular untouched reefs with an abundance of marine life. An under water photographers dream! Located in Com Beach Resort, one of Timor Leste’s more luxurious resorts, allow the relaxed atmosphere to soak in and your trouble will disappear.

For further information or booking please visit their web page http://www.divetimor.com/
When in Dili, call at 670 723 7092

The FreeFlow

The FreeFlow will create a customized travel package to introduce you to this fascinating new dive destination. We offer luxury dive safaris, exploratory diving and specialist trips.
Mobile: 670 723 4614
Email: dive @ thefreeflow.com

Dili Dive

Malo is waiting to take you under. With a wealth of experience diving in East Timor and an emphasis on challenging, safe dives Malo looks forward to seeing you soon.
Mobile: (670) 723 4590


Overland Travel


MegaTours will take you on the travel adventure of a lifetime, through the unique traditional villages and unspoiled natural environments of Timor Leste. Let MegaTours show you the secrets of this beautiful country. Please read our feature Trip for more information.
Mobile: 670 723 5199


South East Asia’s largest adventure travel company organises 15 day tours around Timor Leste. Visit Dili, Suai, Bacau and Los Palos while learning from the local people about their history, culture, traditional ways and developement plans.

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